It’s you.

It’s you.

Wandering around that unknown city, while meeting different people, I met you. Someone who was just a person with whom I wanted to meet as with everyone else. Someone I met on the internet and to whom I was not giving any importance. A person who at that time of my life was just someone who was existing on this planet. Just a human being.

The day we met and the moment we said ‘’Bye’’ I knew that I wanted to see you one more time. You knew that too. When I received your message saying you want to meet me again, I knew that I had to change my plans for my last day. There was something that was telling me to do it. And I did it, I changed my plans, I do not regret it and it was worth it.

It was the look in your eyes and your smile, your kindness and honesty and just the way you are, that made me feel very comfortable and happy around you.  God knows how much I wanted to kiss you, but I was not brave enough to do it, so, you did it. It was something that was not on my list of ‘Things to do/see’, but to be honest, I really, really liked it. Well, people say that unexpected moments end up to be the most amazing ones and that is true.

And the moment we parted was the time when I knew that it was not a goodbye, but that I will see you again and then on that meeting, I won’t be waiting for that stranger to come, but I will wait for someone who slowly, but surely became something important in my life.

tumblr_my7w6v1XMa1r61otdo1_500.picture not mine.